Today I got to pitch the Becoming Visible campaign to a group of Spring Hill College students. The students are already planning to lobby Alabama’s U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions about immigration, which makes them a feisty group of activists. They discussed the issues intelligently, liked the idea of the campaign, and took some flyers. I’m excited about having them involved with Adios Alabama and Becoming Visible.


Our New Look

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After finding this Saul Bass-inspired Tumblr theme, I’ve decided to ditch the neat, well-behaved blue and white graphics and the Twenty Ten template in favor of and edgier black-and yellow-on-red design. I’ll be putting together graphics for a Spring Hill student launch party November 3, which I’m quite excited about. Stay tuned for updates

Review of Petitions

Someone shared an online petition with me on Facebook recently, which I signed. This morning, over my second cup of coffee, I thought I’d look to see if other petitions exist. Wow! There are lots of them. If you’ve not signed an online petition lately, you may not know how easy it is to make one, and how convenient the online tools make them to share with friends, family, and co-workers.

There is a downside to all this convenience though. It’s so easy to create a petition these days that the more challenging job is to figure out where to focus your efforts in a popular cause like this. Oh, and at this point, please, please don’t create any more petitions. Instead, why not read my run-down of the top petitions on Google, sign the top one or two, and share the link through your social media contacts.