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Immigrants get Help from the Feds

photo by Jason Morrison via stck xcng

photo by Jason Morrison via stck xcng

Michael Laws posted a link to this CNN story today that brings some welcome, although temporary relief to immigrants in Alabama. The news story states that “A federal appeals court has blocked enforcement of parts of a controversial immigration enforcement law in Alabama.”

The blocked provisions of the law concern schools asking about immigration status, and the criminalization of not carrying papers. Over 2000 Hispanic students were absent from Alabama schools the day after the law went into effect, and school employees have expressed concern that students may be staying away because of the new law.

How long will this last? According to CNN, some of the provisions of HB 56 will be “…put on hold until the larger constitutional questions can be addressed, a process that could take some months at least.” What’s really going on is a pitched battle between states and the Federal government over who can shape and enforce immigration policy.

The effects of HB 56 have already been felt however. Alabama is regaining a Jim Crow reputation most though long gone, Crops are rotting in the fields, the economy is suffering, and many families are sequestered or have already fled the state.


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