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Tweaks and Updates

It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning here in Midtown Mobile, AL. I’ve spent the past couple of days adding content and upgrading the graphics for Becoming Visible. Some of the changes include:

  • a sidebar Follow Blog via Email button. Please use this to follow the campaign.
  • a sidebar link to sign an online petition by United We Dream to oppose HB 56
  • more sidebar links to sympathetic organizations. Do you know of others?
  • a News page with links to stories about HB 56 in the media
  • an About page where I introduce myself and the goals of the campaign
  • a Stories page with first-person narratives found in the media, along with a Facebook-syle “invisible portrait” of each immigrant. This is the focal point of the campaign.
  • a Support page that explains what you can do to support the campaign.

So what do you think of the site and the Becoming Visible campaign? Would your friends and family be likely to support it? Do you have constructive suggestions to improve any of it? I’m all ears. Actually, since this is a web site I guess I’m all eyes. Whatever. Please share the page on your FB wall and leave comments below…


About Todd Duren

I'm a graphic designer, artist, and educator in Mobile, AL.

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