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First Contacts

Today I had my first meeting about Becoming Visible—the new social media  campaign opposing HB 56. Father Ted Arroyo and Javier San Martin invited met to lunch at the Jesuit residence at Spring Hill College. I enjoyed chatting with them both, and they seemed to be impressed with the Campaign. Ted is the founder of the Jesuit Social Research Institute, a non-profit based at Loyola New Orleans focusing on poverty, racism, and immigration issues. Their conference “Imprisoned, Forgotten, and Deported” runs October 13-14. I plan to have some literature available there about the campaign. Ted also offered to put me in touch with several like-minded people around the state.


About Todd Duren

I'm a graphic designer, artist, and educator in Mobile, AL.

2 responses to “First Contacts

  1. Brittani ⋅

    I think this is an awesome idea! I just had the idea this morning that I wished we could get ALL the horror stories this law has caused for Alabama families all in one place. My family is going through the same thing.

    • Todd Duren ⋅

      That’s exactly what I’m trying to do too, Brittani. I’m collecting stories from the news media, but want to find others. If you’d like to share your family’s story, please get in touch.

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